Lead Abatement Project at The Twillman House

By the 10th of September, 2010, we will complete an extensive lead abatement project at The Twillman House. Prime contractor Fitzgibbons Painting, LLC, has done an excellent job on all phases of the project, all under the watchful eye of our owner's representative, United Infrastructure Corporation. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources made periodic visits to the project to monitor for compliance with strict state regulation of lead abatement work.

All of the work on this project was completed by skilled workers receiving Federal prevailing wages and benefits. Companies and workers were licensed as required under Saint Louis County and Missouri business and lead abatement regulations. Approximately half of the cost of this project was funded by a Community Development Block Grant obtained through the Saint Louis County Planning Department's administration of Federal grant monies. The remaining cost of the project was funded by the contributions of members and friends of the Spanish Lake Community Association.

Many layers of lead base paint were carefully and safely removed from the exterior brick surfaces of the building and wood siding with lead base paint was similarly removed from the remainder of the building. All of the debris was hauled away to properly licensed facilities. Interior woodwork was removed for off-site stripping of lead base paint, walls were scraped and painted to seal off older paint, and selected walls were removed to accommodate future renovations. The final touches included painting exterior trim and replacing all of the windows that were severely weathered and covered in lead base paint. Energy efficient Anderson Windows were selected to match the original style of The Twillman House and obtained from Bi-State Window and Door, Inc.