Positions Taken by the SLCA

Positions Taken by the Spanish Lake Community Association
(February 2000 – March 2011)

Opposed the development of Waterford North Apartments, a 200 unit complex, by Fred Kemp. Decided not to be a plaintiff in the law suit. (Land ultimately purchased by Hazelwood School District and Arrowpoint Elementary School was built on the site.)

Supported Metrolink Northside Area Study – Alt 4 and Alt 6

Supported the building of a White Castle on Lusher @ Redman and Highway 367. (Not approved by the County Planning Commission.)

Opposed the decision of the St. Louis County Public Library to discontinue Book Mobile service to our residents at Belle Parke Plaza.
(Met with Library staff to discuss this issue.)

Supported the building of the Great Rivers Resource Center by Confluence Greenway @ I-270 and Riverview in their application for federal funding for this new facility.

Spoke against the annexation of Spanish Lake by Black Jack, Bellefontaine Neighbors and/or the Village of Riverview before the St. Louis County Boundary Commission.

lnvited by St. Louis County Planning Department and St. Louis County Parks Department to work out a compromise with ORMI (Organic Resource Management, Inc.) regarding their lease arrangement for a composting facility at West Bellefontaine County Park. (Compromise was reached to grant ORMI a conditional use permit for a 5 year period, with a public hearing to review the permit every 5 years. There would always be a ten year period before a lease might be withdrawn by the County. However, once the owner is gone, this area is to be returned to the public as a passive use park.)

1/9/2001 Supported the Community Comeback Tax. (Did not pass.)

Opposed the Brooks Day Care facility for 20 children in a residential area at Bellefontaine Road and Claudine. (Collected 400 signatures in opposition to this proposed development.)

Supported Hazelwood School District Bond for $39 million which included the construction of Arrowpoint School. (Proposal ultimately passes in August of 2002 by a 15 vote margin after a 72 vote defeat in April, largely due to the association's telephone campaign to identify and turn out yes voters in Spanish Lake.

Opposed the practice of the County Planning Department of not making the report of the Planning Department regarding their recommendations for a proposed development or change in zoning available prior to the public meeting of the Planning Commission. (This policy has never been changed.)

Opposed the Love’s Truck Stop development proposed for 186 trucks south of I-270 and east of Lilac in unincorporated St. Louis County. (Led the campaign, with other local community leaders, which ultimately led to the defeat of this proposal in October of 2001. Over 3,000 signatures opposing the development were gathered.)

Concerns from the community regarding traffic issues at dismissal time at Twillman Elementary School communicated to the administrative staff at the school district and to the St. Louis County Police Department. A request for additional crossing guards was made.

Organized a meeting for residents, County staff and officials, Fire and Police Department staff and SLCA members to address the deteriorating conditions of property and quality of life issues for residents in the Spanish Lake Property Conservation District (bounded by the RR tracks, Trampe and Larimore Roads).

President of the Spanish Lake Community Association (SLCA) appointed by County Executive Buzz Westfall to serve on the I-270-Highway 367 Corridor Study conducted by the County Planning Department.

First mention of The Twillman House in the association's minutes. It is recommended that it could be the site of a potential Community Center for Spanish Lake.

The SLCA requests Esley Hamilton, Historic Preservationist of the County Parks Department, to pursue State Historic Preservation Designation for The Twillman House.

Requested St. Louis County Highway Department to replace the Welcome to Spanish Lake sign on Bellefontaine Road north of I-270 that they had removed for the widening of Bellefontaine Road. (Response from the County was: you get a sign and we’ll install it for you.)

Request to County Highway Department to reinstate the Adopt-A-Road policy of installing signage to recognize groups for their Beautification efforts. (Request denied – reason given was too much signage already on County Highways.)

Parker Ridge Estates, a new development of 44 houses on the south side of Parker Road and west of Pattern, was approved by the County Planning Department. No rezoning was required. The SLCA requested that the proposed access to this development through Hidden Lakes Subdivision not be allowed and the County Planning Department did agree to this modification.

After a request was made by the SLCA to managers of local gas stations about a need of our disabled residents, Quick-Trip installed a call box for those folks needing help pumping gas.

Participated in a Public Forum at North County Recreation Center. We requested a satellite recreational facility be placed in Spanish Lake and bus service from Spanish Lake to the North County Recreational Center on Redman Road be provided to improve access for our residents. (Neither of these requests have come to fruition.)

Opposed the closing of the historic Bissell House in Bellefontaine Neighbors by the County Parks Department.

Supported the position that the ice skating facility at North County Recreation Center be maintained because “there are insufficient activities for youth in the area.” (The ice rink was removed in 2008.)

Supported the establishment of a TIF commission which was a recommendation of the I-270-Highway 367 Corridor Study as a “positive force in the development of the North County corridor.” (The redevelopment of Mayfair Plaza at Parker and Highway 367 was the first TIF project approved along this corridor.)

Survey developed for input from SLCA members. “Advocating good development and opposing poor development to our St. Louis County government in Clayton” was given the highest rating.

SLCA minutes reflect that our efforts to unify churches in support of the community would be on hold for “lack of leadership in this area.” It was noted that churches could be a potential positive resource for the community.

$2500 grant received from Team St. Louis to install two Welcome to Spanish Lake signs.

Reported rascist graffiti on railroad bridge on Bellefontaine Road, north of New Jamestown Road, to SL County Public Works. (It was removed.)

$15,000 Lewis and Clark Grant received by the SLCA from the Missouri Department of Conservation for trail improvements and the restoration of an upland prairie at Fort Belle Fontaine County Park (one of only 15 grants awarded in the state.) (The Final Report to the Department of Conservation would show cash and donated goods and services expended on this project at $55,421.93 and in the next few years an additional $25,000 in improvements have occurred.)

Supported a St. Louis County building inspection program for single family residences and rental properties in the unincorporated areas of St. Louis County upon a change of tenant or owner, similar to what was already in effect in the Property Conservation Districts. (Ultimately passed by the St. Louis County Council.)

In response to the Archdiocese’s proposal to reorganize their schools in North County, the SLCA stated that “education of children is a priority in North County and the SLCA supports private alternatives to education in our area.”

The SLCA purchases The Twillman House to be renovated as a Community Center for the residents of Spanish Lake. The Twillman House Advisory Board was formed to oversee its renovation.

Supported the proposal for a self car wash at 11042 Larimore Road.

Donation of the 40' x 125' vacant lot east of the parking lot at The Twillman House is announced.

Supported Missouri House Bill 46 which allows a nuisance action for injunctive relief to be brought by neighborhood organizations.

Requested Gov. Blunt to reconsider and reverse his decision to close the State’s Bellefontaine Rehabilitation Center in the City of Bellefontaine Neighbors.

Opposed rezoning from R-3 to R-5 the property on the northeast corner of Redman and Highway 367 by McBride and Son. Stated R-4 might be more appropriate. (Mission Park Subdivision requested our support to oppose this development which was not in keeping with the other residential development in their area.)

St. Louis County Council passed Bill #100 designating the use of The Twillman House as a Community Center with a C-8 Conditional Use Permit.

The SLCA learned that St. Louis County had conducted a public meeting in the Spanish Lake Conservation District, but had not invited anyone from the SLCA. Lori Fiegel, the convener of that meeting, was invited to the SLCA Board meeting.

President reports about the meeting she had with Flint Fowler, Director of the Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Home, to discuss a Boys and Girls Club satellite in Spanish Lake. She gave Fowler a tour of potential Spanish Lake sites.

Meeting is held with County Executive Dooley to discuss issues in Spanish Lake.

The Twillman House receives listing on the SL County Historic Sites.

Supported the 5 year extension of ORMI’s conditional use permit for a composting facility in West Fort Bellefontaine Park (recently renamed Coldwater County Park).

Opposed renewal of Midwest Recreation Center's license (on Parker Road at Pattern) because of its long standing problems and concerns expresed by the community.

Opposed change of zoning by Midland Oil, 1660 Pattern from C-3 to C-4 because it would increase the potential for much heavier commercial use, beyond selling cars. (ultimately denied by the County.)

Earlier supported R4 to M3 change for Larimore Road property next to RR tracks. (consistent with surrounding use and no opposition from residents, according to SLCA member who lives nearby).

Supported “tipping fee” at ORMI, with all proceeds to be used for maintenance and improvements at Fort Belle Fontaine County Park rather than for Parks General Revenue. The SLCA generated additional support for this proposal from North County Incorporated, City of Bellefontaine Neighbors, City of Black Jack, Old Town Florissant and others. ( Never reached the County Council for a vote.)

Took no position on the change of zoning to allow a Day Care on the west side of Bellefontaine Road, south of Spanish Pond and across the street from Ponticello’s. (Approved by the County, but never developed.)

SLCA Minutes reflect that a letter has been sent to County Executive Dooley regarding the needs of youth in Spanish Lake and also that Flint Fowler, Executive Director of the Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club has been contacted regarding the availability of St. Jude’s Hall as a potential site, having been recently put up for sale by the Archdiocese.

Opposed the housing development proposed by Jones at Larimore and Columbia Bottom to rezone from R3 to R4 and a second proposal by Jones to rezone a property on Coal Bank from R2 to R13. Both opposed for the same reasons – too dense in that area and not supported by the SL Community Area Study.

Opposed a new proposal –Riverview Development – a mixed use development with new levees and 1731 units on the flood plain - on the east side of Columbia Bottom Road. (Proposal later withdrawn.)

Requested the St. Louis County Planning Department look at and evaluate the rezoning that the County did in 1969 and determine what is inappropriate and no longer fits in with how the property has actually been developed/used in the last 40 years. This could help to eliminate the number of inappropriate development proposals that are being submitted for the community of Spanish Lake. (No action on this taken by the County.)

Meeting scheduled with staff from St. Louis County Planning and some SLCA Business members to discuss the feasibility of the establishment of Commercial Improvement Districts in Spanish Lake.

Establishment of the Spanish Lake Youth Task Force by County Executive Charlie Dooley.

Supported the relocation of the National Archives and Records Administration’s National Personnel Records Center to 1829 Dunn Road in Spanish Lake.

Recommended that St. Louis County consider new legislation that would require landlords to post a $ 1,000 bond at the time of eviction to avoid the dumping of personal property outside the homes of those evicted. (This proposal has never been presented to the County Council by the Counselor’s office.)

Worked with the owners of Belle Parke Plaza and let them know why we would oppose a ‘cabaret” there that they requested we look into.

Again, working with the owners of Belle Parke Plaza, opposed the leasing of an “Elite Market” there. (The owners did not go through with such a proposal.)

Opposed the St. Louis County Planning Department recommendation for a 1 mile distance between proposed payday loan businesses. The SLCA recommended a two mile distance.

The SLCA Minutes reflect that the Spanish Lake Bellefontaine Road Commercial Improvement Study is underway and the first meeting with stakeholders was held.

Requested Congressman Clay investigate the possibility of a satellite post office at Belle Parke Plaza. (The ultimate result was that the post office system feels it cannot justify this new facility at this time.)

After representatives of the SLCA met with U.S. Bank officials, they agreed that they have responsibility for the maintenance of the road between Larimore Road and Dunn Road which they own (which they had previously refused to admit that they owned). The road is being repaired by them.

SL County passed a resolution approving NARA’s new building on Dunn.

Requested St. Louis County look into the possibility of a new ordinance that would charge the owner of a vacant (and not cared for) house, in order that the County could recover their costs for the upkeep of this abandoned building. (No action has been taken by the County.)

St. Louis County passed a 10 year property tax abatement for redevelopment of the property along Dunn Road in Spanish Lake, east of the newly proposed National Record Center. The association supports this action. (This is in accordance with the recommendations in the I-270-Highway 367 Corridor Study.)

Took no position on the Liberty Community Worship Center plan to build low-income housing (apartments) on their site. The President will talk with them about other alternatives for meeting these needs, other than the building of apartments, such as the purchasing of houses in foreclosure, repairing them and working with other groups to identify potential tenants.)

Supported P.C. 58-07 to amend the zoning ordinance in regards to storm water quality, stream buffers and flood plain setbacks. (Recommended in the I-270 - Highway 367 Corridor Study.)

Supported the proposed 2 story office building on Dunn Road on the site of the abandoned Burger King, though no rezoning was required on that site.

Request to Councilman Mike O’Mara that the County Planning Department undertake a new comprehensive planning study of Spanish Lake. (Citing a time and staff shortage, the Planning Department recommended that a (greatly reduced) strategic planning study be conducted.)

Unanimously supported the rezoning necessary for the building of the new $10,000,000 National Archives and Record Center on 50 acres of the former Londoff property on Dunn Road, north of I-270, in Spanish Lake. This location is appropriate for this commercial development as its location follows the recommendations of both the Spanish Lake Community Area Study as well as the I-270-Highway 367 Corridor Study, both approved by the St. Louis County Council.

Unanimously opposed the rezoning request of North County Development LLC from M-3 & FPM-3 to C-8 for PC 22-09 for the Riverview Casino on approximately 375+ acres on the east side of Riverview Boulevard in Spanish Lake on the Mississippi River flood plain because this proposed development of the land as a gambling casino is inconsistent with the comprehensive and coordinated plan in the Spanish Lake Community Area Study, developed by the County’s Planning Department over a 2 year period with input from Spanish Lake residents. In April of 1999, the St. Louis County Council not only approved the Study but also amended the St. Louis County General Plan "by incorporating therein the Spanish Lake Community Area Study.

The Spanish Lake Community Association voted unanimously to join the Save the Confluence Coalition on the premise that new commercial development should only take place in the floodplain in accordance with the Spanish Lake Community Area Study.

The Urban Land Institute Study with regard to Jamestown Mall was discussed. Many of the ideas from residents which were passed on by the President were incorporated in the Urban Land Institute’s report to the St. Louis County Economic Commission.

The Board unanimously passed a resolution to support the Spanish Lake Fire Protection District’s proposed 25¢ increase in the operating levy which will be on the ballot in August 2010.

The Board voted unanimously to support Hazelwood School District’s Proposition H. The bond issue would cover science lab rehabilitation, elevators and implementation of Phase 3 of the Hazelwood First Program with facility upgrades and upgrades in infrastructure technology.

The Board unanimously approved a “Conflict of Interest Policy.”

The Board voted unanimously to become a member of the St. Louis Regional Early Childhood Council. The major focus of the council will be on engaging business and civic leaders to promote early childhood strategies that promote regional economic development and improve the quality of community life.