2009 Onwards

Major Upcoming Projects: 2009-2010

  • Completion of architectural plans for the 1st floor renovation.
  • Prepare engineering analyses and services including Structural, Electrical and Code Consulting.
  • Install the new historically accurate, custom-made front door.
  • Submit architectural plans to St. Louis County and apply for building permits.
  • Remove interior, out-of-code staircase.
  • Build new staircase from basement to second floor.
  • Construct new entranceway on east side of building, off parking lot.
  • Renovate 2 existing bathrooms and install one new handicapped bathroom on 1st floor.
  • Design and construct a new covered accessible ramp on the south side of the addition.
  • Install elevator shaft to serve 1st and 2nd floor.
  • Resurface and reconfigure parking lot.
  • Build retaining wall and new sidewalk entrance to front door on Bellefontaine Road.
  • Install historically accurate shutters on all windows of the original building.
  • Install new windows in the original building.
  • Lead Abatement Project