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The Regional Bikeways Map of Metro St. Louis Website

Spanning two states, six counties and a distance greater than that of St. Louis to Chicago, the Regional Bikeways of Metro St. Louis combine to form one of the greatest bikeway systems in the Midwest.

This interactive map will allow you to view all the bikeways in the entire region, get details about specific bikeways, find driving directions to bikeway parking lots and measure distance both on and off the bikeway.

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All Bike Trails in the St. Louis Bi-State Region Featured

GRANITE CITY, IL, NOVEMBER 15, 2004 . . . Spanning two states, six counties and more than
2,000 square miles, the bikeways of the metropolitan St. Louis region combine to form one of the
greatest trail systems in the Midwest. Now area residents and visitors to the region can find
comprehensive information on all of these bikeways on one map, the Regional Bikeways of Metro St.
Louis map, courtesy of RideFinders, the regional rideshare program.

The 24”x 37” map shows the names and paths of over 40 dedicated bikeways located in state, county
and city parks and conservation areas and along former railroad corridors. The featured trails traverse
the entire region, winding their way through Jersey, Madison and St. Clair counties in Illinois and
Jefferson, St. Charles and St. Louis counties in Missouri, as well as the City of St. Louis. A legend
listing the bikeway names and letter/number coordinates assists with locating the bikeways on the map.
The opposite side of the map features detailed information regarding each bikeway’s length, surface
type, parking lots and connections to other bikeways, as well as contact information of the organization
responsible for each bikeway. Bicycling rules, safety tips and other resources are also included.

For individuals interested in integrating bicycling with other alternative modes of transportation for
their daily commute, the map provides information on the multi-modal services available in the region.
Metro, which operates MetroBus and MetroLink service in the greater St. Louis, Mo. area and St. Clair
County, Ill., and Madison County Transit (MCT), which operates bus service in Madison County, Ill.,
have equipped all of their buses with bike racks to provide accessible connections between the regional
bikeways and transit systems. Bicycles can also be taken on MetroLink.


RideFinders, the creator of the new regional map, promotes all alternative modes of transportation that
reduce the number of single-occupant vehicles on the roads with the goal of reducing traffic congestion
and improving air quality in the region. While the organization is known for providing free
ridematching services to help individuals carpool and vanpool to work, with the introduction of this
new tool, the organization hopes to expand its message beyond carpooling, vanpooling and transit use
to also encourage bicycling and walking.

“The goal of the Regional Bikeways of Metro St. Louis map is to encourage individuals to incorporate
biking or walking for their workday commute as well as for recreation,” according to Joe Wright,
marketing director for RideFinders. “With detailed information on regional bikeways, transit services
offered by MCT and Metro, and ridesharing services provided by RideFinders, this map is the perfect
guide to all alternative modes of transportation.”

The Regional Bikeways of Metro St. Louis map represents the cooperative efforts of RideFinders’
regional partners, which are listed on the map, and other organizations throughout the region that share
RideFinders’ commitment to improving air quality by promoting alternative modes of transportation to
reduce traffic congestion. “One organization that RideFinders would like to acknowledge is Trailnet,
which is dedicated to creating and conserving multi-use bikeways and encouraging bicycling for
recreation and transportation in the region,” noted Wright. “Their assistance with the project helped
ensure that the map is truly regional in scope.”

RideFinders is contacting various transportation, environmental, bicycling, tourism and community
development organizations and businesses in the region to offer them free copies of the Regional
Bikeways of Metro St. Louis Map for distribution to their customers. Individuals or organizations
interested in receiving or distributing maps should contact RideFinders at (800) VIP-RIDE (847-7433)
to obtain free maps in the mail. RideFinders is also developing an interactive, on-line version of the
map that will be completed in spring 2005. For more information on the map and alternative modes of
transportation in the region, contact RideFinders at (800) VIP-RIDE or visit