2006 in Detail

All Work Conducted by volunteers from the Spanish Lake Community Association and residents from the community, by members of local Unions and by Hazelwood School District & Trinity Catholic High School students fulfilling community service hours.

  • 1/9 Clean up debris on parking lot, fallen limb & measure for sign electric wire & conduit
  • 1/14 Remove holiday decorations and clean-up roof debris from storm
  • 1/28 Prepare & move message sign box for painting to be donated by Spanish Lake Body Shop
  • 2/12 Mark sign location/trench for informational sign
  • 2/25-6 Dig hole/set forms/lay conduit
  • 2/27 Meet with St. Louis County Inspectors re sign approval
  • 3/3 Pour concrete for sign; pick up sign & donated materials for base
  • 3/4 -3/7 Lay cinderblock/brick for base of sign
  • 3/11 Install sign on new brick base
  • 3/21 Meet with Gateway Greening & Twillman Garden crew
  • 3/28 Donation of soil & timbers from Gateway Greening delivered
  • 4/4 Build 4 raised beds for demonstration gardens
  • 4/8 Repair one toilet on 1st floor; labelling fuse box and outlets throughout building
  • 4/9 Landscaping and garden work
  • 4/19 Twillman House Cleanup in preparation for Sign Dedication
  • 4/23 Sign Dedication Ceremony & Twillman House Tour; 100 people in attendance; Councilman O'Mara speaker; Proclamation from County Executive Dooley presented to SLCA
  • 5/2 Delivery of flats of herbs for Plant Sale
  • 5/4-5 Delivery of donated plants for Plant Sale
  • 5/6 Plant Sale, Used Book Sale & Barbeque on Twillman Grounds
  • 5/20 Plantings of raised beds, a shade garden & new bed around informational sign
  • 6/27 Delivery of donated wood chips
  • 6/27 Garden Work Day
  • 7/12 Garden Work Day to spread mulch on beds & wood chips on paths
  • 7/20 Floor Day at Twillman
  • 8/21 Tour Twillman with Carol Twilman Pinkerton, a direct descendant of Johann Heinrich Twillman
  • 9/5 Garden Work Day
  • 9/8 Meeting with members from the Carpenters District Council of St. Louis, our general contractor and
  • architect to review the plans for rebuilding of the soffits
  • 9/15 Meet WaterTech to plan underground sprinkler system
  • 9/15-16 Members of the Carpenters District Council begin work on the soffit repair/restoration
  • 9/19 Garden Work Day
  • 9/23 Demolition Day at Twillman
  • 9/24 Demolition Day at Twillman
  • Carpenters continue working on soffits
  • 9/29 Meeting with architect and Troy Kodinger re scope of gutter and downspout work to be donated by Scott
  • Lee Company
  • 10/1 Carpenters continue working on soffits
  • 10/3 Garden Work Day
  • 10/7 Carpenters continue working on soffits
  • Demolition Day at Twillman by volunteers
  • 10/8 Demolition Day at Twillman
  • 10-13 Installation of underground sprinkler system by WaterTech
  • and trenching for electric to informational sign
  • 10/14 Carpenters complete work on soffits
  • Lay electric conduit to sign and fill trench
  • 10/21 Garden Work Day
  • Demolition Day
  • 12/3 Decorate Twillman House for holidays

Other regular activities performed by volunteers during 2006:

April – December Changing the message board on the informational
sign every 1-2 weeks
April – October Mowing the grass and trimming around beds as needed
April – October Weekly – watering all the newly planted beds

Also Accomplished in 2006:

  • Approval of Site Development Plan by County Planning Department (4/13/2006)
  • Installation of water shut-off valve by Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562
  • Removal of heating oil from tank in basement
  • Rebuilding of soffits
  • Removal of old signage on front lawn
  • Installation of new informational sign
  • Removal of old heating, air conditioning units, ductwork, radiators, pipes (2 dumpsters full) in
  • preparation for the installation of a new efficient HVAC system for the entire building
  • $5,000 grant received from Edward Chase Garvey Foundation for landscape plan
  • Gateway Greening Grant received and landscaping plan implementation begun
  • $750 grant received from Rotary Club of Florissant for cost of retrofitting donated informational sign
  • Fund-raising event & quilt raffle raised $6,000
  • Community Development Block Grant Application for $50,000 approved; work on the interior renovation and new east entrance can begin in 2007
  • Regular meetings of The Twillman House Advisory Board
  • Grant application submitted to the Jordan Foundation for interior renovation
  • Grant application submitted to Gateway Greening for a grant to build a handicapped access raised garden bed and compost bin and new garden signage.