Appreciation and Acknowledgement

The Community of Spanish Lake would like to thank the following
Unions, Businesses, Residents, Friends and Professionals
who have donated their services
or made other significant contributions
to the The Twillman House Renovation

Unions, Businesses, & Professionals
Sheet Metal Workers Local #36
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #562
Carpenters District Council of St. Louis
United Union of Roofers Local #2
Asbestos Workers Local #1
Bricklayers Local #1
Sheet Metal Contractors, Inc.
Scott Lee Company
Briner Electric Company
Dave Sielfleisch Roofing
Roofers Mart, Inc.
Laclede Gas Company
Superior Waterproofing & Restoration Company
Briner Electric Company
Handyman Hardware
T & L Tree Company
Spanish Lake Body Shop
Robert E. Edmonds, Architect
M. J. Behlmann Construction, Inc.
Joseph H. Beetz Plumbing, Co., Inc.
AT&T Missouri
Local 2665 Firefighters, Spanish Lake Fire Protection District

Residents and Friends
Frank & Mona Ackles
Lorraine & Thomas Anders
Lutesia Lynn Anderson
Walter & Teresa Applegate
Applied Scholastics
LaVonne J. Arnold
Richard & Ellen Kaye Augustine
Joan M. Barbaglia
Janet L. Beasley
Thomas and Ann Becherer
Patricia & David Beckman
Patricia Behle
Marsha & William Benford
Alma and Gil Bergmeyer
Bret & Julie Berigan
Joseph & Genevieve Ann Binder
Milton and Evelyn Bischof
Ralph & Barbara Bodine
Deborah Bohnert
Bettie V. Britts
Patsy D. Brown
Carl & Delores Brown
Nancy Driscoll
Bettie V. Britts
Patsy & Brit Brown
Carl G. and Delores Brown
Kevin & Carin Buchannan
Bill and Joanne Buchholz
Andy and Helen Bylinowski
Alvin & Jean Claybrooks
Gloria Combest
Mary Covell
Birdia & Robert Cross
Historic Florissant, Inc.
Sarah Denning
Candlin H. Dobbs
Jean Erler
Joan Feldmann
Steven T. Feldmann
Pat Figgemeier
Patrick & Pamela Higgins
S. Diane Franklin & Debra Holmes
Marino and Beatriz Garcia
Tom & Joanne George
Friends of Tony George
John and Dora R. Gianoulakis
Charles K. & JoAnne B. Gillespie
Timothy P. and Lisa Green
Julie Griffith
Ralph and Norma Jean Haag
Dolores R. and Lisa A. Hall
Janet M. Harting
Patrick and Pamela Higgins
Historic Florissant, Inc.
Randall & Sue Hodgson
Rose M. Hofele
Loretta Hopgood
Ruth Ahlers Hubbard
Diana Gulotta
Gene and Peggy Inglish
Nancy & David Jackson
Susan and Roy Joachimstaler
Carolyn A. Jones
Christine Jones
Paula Kaltenbah and family
Kim Jones & Larry Marsh
Paula Kaltenbach & Family
Marjorie A. Keating
Judith Keith
Lorraine Y. Kerls
Marianne W. Klein
Robert and June Lang
Crystal Lee
Rosa Little & Earnestine Petty
Nancy P. Lydon
John and Renata MacDougal
Elveeta Macon
John & Renata MacDougal
Dorothy and Robert McGuffin
Kathy McKemy and Jim Graham
Joe McKenzie
Pamela and Stephen Maynard
Greg and Nancy Mogelnicki
Abigail Moss & Ron Wilson
Yvonne H. Muentefering
Lillian Niedringhaus
Oak Park Village
Frank, Dolores & Mary Obremski
Jack and Debi Olson
Claudia & John Orlando
Our Lady of the Rosary
Pangeon Properties, LLC
Miguel Angel Paniagua, M.D., MPH
David & Debra Petree
Charlotte & Sylvester Petty
Louis L. Phillips
Norman and Nellie Porch
Owen and Aline Reinert
Reva Richardson
Bert and Sue Sanders
Robert Schellenger
Ervin and Shirley Schoessel
Claire Schosser & Michael Gaillard
Tom Scott, Sr.
Bill and Virginia Shiew
Charles R. and Hilda D. Smiley
Ann Smith
Richard and Sandra F. Smith
Elaine M. Stern
Ray and Grace Stoltz
William Stowers
Kevin & Diane Strickland
Pat Struckel
Mary Lynne Sunderman
Marilyn M. Telowitz
Donald Thompson
Leslie Trampe
James and Dolores Truetken
Lois Vollmer
Lottie & A.J. Wade
Albert & Casandra Wallace
Betty & Wilbur White
Kip and Tracey Williams
Chris L. Wright-Nicastro & Charles Nicastro
Earl H. Young